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Magnetic Embroidery Hoop Snap Hoop Monster


Making clamping a breeze

The Snap Hoop Monster magnetic embroidery hoop is your strong helper when embroidery gets tricky. If you have an embroidery project with delicate fabrics such as velvet, leather or vinyl, the magnetic embroidery hoop is the right choice. It holds the fabric securely in place without leaving unwanted pressure marks. Once you have finished embroidering an area, you can easily and comfortably move the fabric without having it to be re-clamped.


Thanks to its easy handling, you can also comfortably hoop bulky items such as jackets, caps or shorts.


Hoop sizes:

Snap Hoop Monster bernette S: 100 x 100mm part #5020210399

Snap Hoop Monster bernette M: 130 x 180mm part #5020210397

Snap Hoop Monster bernette L: 140 x 260mm part #5020210398


Designed for Ease

Ergonomic & no hand strain Snap Hoop Monster comes with a flat magnetic top and a metal bottom frame. The bottom frame includes a machine attachment that is recognized by your embroidery machine. Simply lay the stabilizer and fabric over the bottom frame and snap the top frame in place! Voilà!


Be Creative

Multiple hoopings are a breeze Multiple hoopings are a breeze with the Snap Hoop Monster. Just lift the magnetic top frame, slide your fabric and snap the frame back in place. Easily achieve flawless continuous borders and allover embroidery on knits, wovens and more. Stitch all the way to the edge of fabric by securing just two or more sides in the hoop.



Snap Hoop Monster includes three pieces One flat metal frame with machine attachment One top magnetic frame One magnet safety shield Four adhesive centering rulers Magnetic Snap Hoop Monster is safe to use with embroidery machines


Firmware Update is required

Compatible with the bernette 70 and 79

To use this product, make sure the most recent Firmware is installed on your machine. Visit the Bernette Website support section of your model to download the latest Firmware and step-by-step installation instructions


Snap Hoop Monster Crosshair

Crosshair for magnetic embroidery hoop

As the hoop centre is not the same as the design centre, you will first need to add hoop rulers to your Snap Hoop magnetic hoop. For the correct positioning of the rulers, download the embroidery file "Crosshairs" in your embroidery hoop size here and then follow the instructions.

Bernette Magnetic Snap Embroidery Hoops

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