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Cookies anyone??

Are you coping with lock down?

Here is the next of our lock down projects with the help of Brother.

I know this is staged as a Christmas project but I think it would be a great thing to do for a friend or neighbour. Make a batch of biscuits (cookies) make this project and drop it on a doorstep, remember "no contact" :)

Here is the project sheet ready to download.

You can use a built in design from your machine. You can also use the fonts on your embroidery machine. Or here are some other embroidery suggestions.



I like this

If you have never used wash away thread before it is fabulous. Here is a link to buy some

Here are some tips too.

- Watch your tension. If you can't get it to work top and bottom, don't stress. Just use it on the top. Once one washes out, the other will just fall away.

- Don't wet your fingers before you grab the thread to manually thread the needle. It just dissolves.

Have fun trying something new.



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