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Private Sale - Q20

Updated: May 30, 2020


Good afternoon

We are facilitating the sale of a second hand Bernina Q20 machine with a Horn Table. This is a private sale and not through us. It has been sewn on.

For privacy reasons the seller has asked that we collect customers details and answer their questions.

This is a stock image to show you the type of machine.

It is a long arm quilting machine. It is a sit down machine, but can be added to a frame at a later point. It is the top of the range when it comes to sit down machines and is built with Bernina Swiss quality.

It is not listed on our website, but I have included a link below so that you can see the specs of the machine. New they are $11,999. The seller is asking $8,750. The price does not include delivery and installation. This is at the buyers expense, but again we are happy to facilitate this.

It has done approximately 360,000 stitches, so it's still a baby.

If you would prefer a Koala extendable table we have a demo one on heavy duty castors in store. If you wanted the Koala instead of the Horn table we would trade the Horn table and sell you the Koala table for an additional $2,000 (this is the Koala table price after Horn trade). New with castors they are normally $3,200 extra.

If you would like more information on this great deal, please contact us on 02 95423513

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