These rulers are great for creating quilting patterns on your quilts.

These are low shank rulers.

They are used on your sewing machine for free motion quilting with a ruler quilting foot.

Ruler quilting is a form of free motion quilting.

The ruler quilting foot is a must with these rulers.


Circles on Quilts Wreaths #5   $23

Spin-e-fex Snowflake templates 1 and 2   $40

Continuous Rope with echo 1.5B   $24

Spinning Wheels #36 5.5 inch    $22

Circle Wreath Feathered Leaf Set of 2 templates 11.5 inch and 5.5 inch   $45

Hearts Set of 6 templates 1,2,3,4,5,6 inches   $85

Feathers set of 4   $65

Multi Arc 3    $30

Multi Arc 4    $35

Foot and 12 inch arch starter pack    $48

Westalee quilting rulers

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