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We have a range of Tula Pink Hardware now available in store.

Stock is currently limited, but we have more coming. 

If you miss out on what you would like please call us on  02 9522 2340 and we can add you to our wait list so you can be next in line.


Pins #9920000453

Rotary Cutter #9920000454

8 inch Shears #9920000459

Left Handed 8 inch Shears #9920000164

Duck Bill Scissors #9920000458

Surgical Seam Ripper #9920000460

EZ Snips #9920000461

Tweezers #9920000456

Blades #9920000455

Large Ring Micro Tip Scissors #9920000457

Hemostat with arrow point 5 inch #9920000162

Unicorn USB #9920000463


Special Order but could be 2 to 4 weeks shipping

Set of 4 rulers #9920000468

12.5 inch square unicorn ruler #9920000467

Cutting Mat 17 x 23 inches #9920000462

Tula Pink Hardware

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