Quilt NSW - Pop up sewing day – no teacher

10am – 3pm




3 September 2022


Free – please book at Quilt NSW office

02 9283 3737


After the Pop Up day that has been scheduled prior to ours has finished, you will be able to use this link to book

Pop Up Sewing Day booking form - QuiltNSW: The Quilters' Guild of NSW


An opportunity for members to stitch together while working on their own project. Numbers are limited so it is essential that your reserve your place by contacting the office. Morning Tea and a lucky door prize are usually included. Not only are these days a lovely way to spend your time but they are a FREE event for members only


The website won't let me post a free class, thus the 1 cent charge. It is displayed here for information rather than booking. 


Positions are limited to 8 people.


Quilt NSW Pop Up Sewing Day

  • We are sure you understand that these policies are to make sure that tutors’ costs and basic overheads are covered. Also, to ensure class positions are fully utilised. We don’t make money on class fees.  We seek to cover our costs. We endeavour to provide interesting and varied tutors. Tutors fees are paid commensurate with their level experience and preparation efforts. Tutors are paid a set fee regardless of attendance numbers. 

    Payment – Monthly / Weekly classes / workshops and specialty classes.

    Full payment must be made to guarantee your place. Paid bookings OR unused deposits are NOT transferrable to another class date.

    Payment of 100% one class ahead is required at the time of booking the class.  This payment is not refundable or transferrable.

    For weekly classes, full payment must be made a week before class to guarantee your place.

    For monthly classes, full payment must be made a month before class to guarantee your place.

    If booking a workshop 100% of the workshop tuition fee must be made a month before class to guarantee your place. A minimum 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, if in advance of the month ahead of class date.

    This is required to secure your spot and ensure we can manage attendance numbers. To help ensure classes are filled and run, students are encouraged to register early. Most classes have a minimum number of students required to go ahead.

    Your requirements list will be provided upon full class payment and when they are available from the tutor. Where possible we will guide you through these requirements, if requested, prior to booking a class.

    No refunds are made for non-attendance. You are, however, welcome to transfer your place to a friend or a waitlisted person (if possible) if we are notified in advance. This needs to be in consultation with My Sewing Supplies to ensure that the person you are transferring the class to has the skills required, where applicable.

    Policy for non-attendance

    **Class fees are payable for enrolled attendees regardless of attendance**

    If you are unable to attend for any reason, your fee is still due. It holds your place in class and ensures that the tutor’s ongoing teaching fee is covered.

    Having said that: we won’t charge you for a missed class if we don’t need to. If we are able, to cover the class costs by replacing you with a casual attendee or waitlisted customer, we will not charge you.

    The more notice you can give for your absence, the more opportunity we have to find a replacement but, it is not guaranteed that we can. We cannot actively phone around to fill your position.

    Enrolled Class member discount

    Our regular monthly classes are perfect to enrol in on an ongoing basis. Enrolled class members access a discounted class fee in exchange for an ongoing commitment. 

    Regular attendees enrolling for the full calendar year of monthly classes pay a discounted rate per class compared to casual attendees. This gives regular enrolled attendees a saving. This saving varies per class.

    Enrolling to qualify for the discounted rate, the following is required:

    ·           Completing our “Regular Class Enrolment Conditions” Agreement, with up-to-date details

    ·           Keeping these details up to date

    ·           An intention to attend the full year of classes

    ·           ALL classes must be paid in full, at least one month in advance.

    ·           The first month’s payment will be for two months classes so you will begin the year in advance and secure your place in class. This is generally due in early January.

    ·           All classes must be paid for in full even if you do not attend.

    ·           Class cancellation If the class is cancelled by the teacher or by My Sewing Supplies for whatever reason: you would not be expected to pay for that session. If we organise a replacement date that is not suitable to you, again you would not be expected to pay for that session.

    Casual Attendance to Regular Classes

    We occasionally have positions in our regular monthly classes. We would love you to book into a casual class with one of our regular monthly tutors. If you are interested, please give us a call to discuss class availability. We do ask for payment in advance to hold your space in class as places in these regular classes are sought after. If you book into a class and do not attend for whatever reason, your payment is non-refundable.

    Leaving the class

    If for some reason, attending the class no longer suits you, we require two full months’ notice. Your fee is still payable in this notice period. This may be waived if we have an immediate replacement for you but again, this is not guaranteed.

    Class waiting lists

    If you cannot attend, always approach My Sewing Supplies. with as much notice as possible. Occasionally there is a wait list, and someone might be keen to take your position.

    Remember that even though we may fill your place in class with a wait-listed attendee, we DO NOT provide refunds for class fees. Instead we would issue you with a credit note to the value of your class fee paid.

    Refund Policy

    We understand that plans do sometimes need to change, but please keep in mind that for all classes, fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. The deposit or class fee is only refundable or transferrable if the class is cancelled by My Sewing Supplies.

    Because of the long lead time for some classes and the fact that plans may change, you are able to withdraw from a class and receive a store credit if you notify us by email with at least FOUR WEEKS NOTICE.

    If your plans change DURING the four weeks before class: Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE but may be transferred to a friend or another attendee. This is your responsibility to organise and we must be notified.

    You may also check with the shop if there is a wait list for class. We do occasionally have a wait list which can help but is no guarantee of a replacement.

    Transferring your class position to another person

    If your plans change and you know you will be unable to attend a class that you have paid for, we do allow you to transfer that place to a friend. In this case you will need to arrange your own reimbursement, if necessary, from that friend.

    Please advise My Sewing Supplies immediately of any transfers so that all class requirements and information can be passed on to the replacement attendee. This transfer needs to be approved by My Sewing Supplies so that we can ensure the replacement student has the right qualifications to attend the class. This is important to ensure the teacher can manage the skills in the classroom for everyone’s benefit. 

    Kits - If student cancels

    If a kit is supplied as part of the class, the student is still entitled to the kit and instructions once the full class and kit payment is made. In some instances, there is no formal pattern with the kit, as this forms the structure of the class. As such, in this instance no pattern can be supplied.

    If you have any questions regarding our class policies, please contact us and ask.

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