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Clear Curve Foot for 8-thread Machines


Compatible with: Gloria, Ovation, Accolade, Evolution, Evolve & Evolve Wave


The Clear Curve Foot is short and has a flat sole, making it a good choice for stitching curves and sewing over cross seams.

Use this foot for better visibility when attaching ribbon and lace, or guiding lightweight decorative stitching around curves.

Its short size is also good for sewing around cuffs, necklines and children's wear using the cover stitches.


Machine Settings:

Most stitching applications can be used with this foot. However, the Clear Curve Foot does not work using the differential feed while Overlocking, because the foot doesn't make contact with the feed dogs completely. Also the foot will not allow you to produce Chain-Off using the Chain Stitch.

Baby Lock Clear Curve Foot


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