Binding Babies™ measures 4” height by 2“ width. They hold up to 2.5” wide folded bindings or up to 1.25” lace, trims, and ribbons perfectly.

It’s a way to store your bindings, borders, trims, ribbons, lace and ricrac. Simply slip your binding or trim into the slot, wrap around body, and add a pin or clip to hold in place. You can set it on a shelf until your ready to add binding to your quilt, or trim to your fun sewing project.


Medium Pink Hot Pink Dot 

Side Wave hairstyle, blonde hair, one barrette, and hot pink polka dots on pink for the dress.

Medium Green White Dot 

Petal Bang hairstyle, brown hair, heart, and white polka dots on green for the dress.

Medium Aqua Red Dot

Aqua Red Dot with a Petals hairstyle, black hair, mini heart, and red polka dots on aqua for the dress.

Medium Blue White Dot

Curly hairstyle, brown hair, headband with three mini hearts, and white polka dots on blue for the dress.

Medium Hot Pink White Dot

Swoop hairstyle, blonde hair, two barrettes, and white polka dots on hot pink for the dress

Medium Red White Dot

Red White Dot with Side Sweep hairstyle, black hair, mini heart, and white polka dots on red for the dress


How to Care: 
Use a soft cloth rag, lightly damp the cloth. Gently wipe off the doll to remove the dust.


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Binding Baby - Medium

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