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BERNINA Q 16 on Table – the Sit-down Model for Longarm Quilting

The BERNINA Q 16 is designed, engineered in Switzerland and comes standard as a sit-down model machine. The generous longarm depth and height provide ample space for managing your larger quilts. Quilt larger quilts than on a domestic machine. The Q 16 offers less footprint in your sewing room. 


From the Very First Stitch, You will Appreciate the Thought Behind Every Detail.


Perfect free-motion stitches

  • Achieve perfect stitches with the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulation
  • Keep the stitch length consistent at any speed
  • Stay flexible with three regulation modes
  • Simple customizing via the machine's touch screen
  • Precise sensing of machine/fabric movement with dual sensors


Unique user interface

  • Simple navigation via color touch screen
  • Totally customizable
  • With stitch counter, five user profiles, built-in tutorials and help functionalities


Effortless quilting without the foot control

  • For fatigue-free quilting, even on large projects
  • The KickStart function allows you to quilt continuously without having to hold down the foot control
  • The normal sewing menu is replaced by a new KickStart display
  • The kick-back function of the foot control is temporarily replaced by an alternating start and stop (standby) function


Easy threading and bobbin winding

  • Thoughtfully positioned spool holders and forward threading path are easy to reach and simple to follow
  • On-board bobbin winder (M Class bobbin) makes it convenient to wind coordinating bobbin threads for your projects, independent of machine operation


Built-in needle threader

  • Quick and easy threading of the needle


Unique digital tension control

  • Exclusive tension system with numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a wide range of thread types with success
  • No external tension assembly required
  • Presser foot tension release for threading ease


Fast and precise stitching

  • High speed precision stitching for hand-guided quilting with up to 2,000 stitches per minute
  • Complete more quilts more quickly than ever


Enhanced visibility

  • Bright LED lights along the length of the machine and above the needle
  • Illuminate your quilt for enhanced visibility


Easy Freemotion-quilting

  • Love the free-motion movement of a sit-down machine
  • Discover the stitch Regulation without throat space restrictions


Table Size - Foldable/Horn

  • Table size 36” x 45” (0,91m x 1,15m)

Bernina Q16

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