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Although the module looks the same apart from the white wings – all the magic happens inside:

• Its mechanics

• Electronics and the software driving it, have been completely revised.

• The stitch formation has also been optimized, for example by further improving the synchronization between needle and module.



• Quality improvement, through better stitch formation (ex: less looping)

• Significantly faster

• Smoother movement

• Less noise

• Less vibrations

• Smart Drive Technology



Newly produced BERNINA 7 and 8 Series machines are compatible with the new module, current machines can be made compatible via simple FW update, all available to download from Bernina Australia's website.


Machine Models that can be updated



B770 QE 


B790 Plus



Machine Models that can’t be updated

B 830

B 780 

B 750

Bernina New Embroidery Module L with SDT

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