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Baby Lock Victory


Ready to declare victory over threading your Overlocker? Look no further than the Baby Lock Victory with LED lighting.


Four Thread Overlocking with the (latest technology).


This Overlocker has Jet-Air Threading which threads the loopers, simply push the button, turn the hand-wheel, use the lever and a jet of air blows the thread through the loopers.


The exclusive Automatic Thread Delivery System eliminates the need for frustrating tension adjustments.


Plus, the presser foot feature of 6mm height will make Overlocking on thicker fabrics a breeze.


The Victory is our entry level, no tension four thread overlocker with some
amazing features to give you endless creative options.

Baby Lock Victory Overlocker

$2,995.00 Regular Price
$2,795.00Sale Price
  •  Jet Air Threading – with easy looper threader engagement – press the button, turn the hand-wheel to close tubes, push the lever and a jet of air blows the thread through the loopers.

     Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) System– no tension adjustment required, the (ATD) delivers the perfect stitch on any fabric types.

     Presser Foot Height 6mm – allows you to easily work with thicker fabric

     Lighting System with 2 LED Lights – brighter workspace

     Sewing Speed up to 1,500 stitches per minute

     Built-in Needle Threader

     Tubular loopers which prevent thread tangling

     Vertical needle system – minimizes needle deflection

     True 2 to 1 differential feed – ranging from 0.6 to 2

     Overlock with 2, 3, or 4 threads

     Overlock stitch functions to seam & encase fabric edges

     Automatic rolled hem stitch – with the turn of a dial, for a professional finish

     Flatlock stitch functions for seaming and decorative effects

     Adjustable stitch width – ranging from 1.5mm to 7.5mm

     Adjustable stitch length – 0.75mm to 4mm

     Lock down blade system - can be used as a fabric guide when engaged

     Heavy duty cutting system cuts thick fabrics with ease

     Easy to follow colour coded Quick Reference Threading guide

     Exclusive Fabric Support System – Keeps stitches flat and balanced, no matter what speed, fabric or stitch you choose

     Snap on grooved foot including ribbon and tape guide

     Built-in thread cutter

     Built-in accessory storage

     Needle system HAx1SP #11/75 #14/90

     Machine Weight 7.5kg

     5 Year Conditional Warranty, Parts and Labour

     Made in Japan – Quality and Durability

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