The Vantastic Block of the Month will take its maker on a wonderful road trip.

It is a nine month, Block of the Month program.


By purchasing month one you are committing to the programme. Each of months 2 to 9 will be an additional fee of $24.50. Postage for months 2-8 will be $9.20 however month 9 postage will be $11.20

The program invites its maker into the wonderful world of applique and machine piecing.


Kit includes:

- Fabrics required for the quilt top including binding

- Pattern


If you would like to purchase thread, applique web, wadding, quilt backing or other notions we can help you. Please let us know your needs. 


To join, pay for the first pack on line, through this product. We will make contact with you to arrange future months directly rather than through the website.


Pattern Designed by Claire Turpin


This quilt and pattern are Scan n Cut friendly


Our fabrics are different to the quilt shown in the pattern. The quilt is available in store to view. They are similar in tone. I am trying to photograph our quilt and post photos as soon as possible.


We do not mass produce our blocks of the month programmes. The total number produced in each of the fabrics and colourways is usually under 20. We try to ensure that you don't see the same quilt everywhere you look.  We want yours to be special. 

Vantastic Block of the Month - Month 1

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