Join Vicky Greenstein as she teaches you about the Rulers that you receive each month.


The first 6 rulers are all from the Amanda Murphy Good Measure High Profile range. You do require a ruler work quilting foot for your machine in order to use these. If you would like us to assist you there please ask. We do have a great range. 


You have the option of just getting the rulers and notes mailed to you or adding this hands on workshop where Vicky can see you and your machine in operation and give you tips and tricks.


She will also inspire and teach you as she shows you how she uses the various rulers.


The programme will be a series of 6 monthly payments. In return, each month you will receive an Amanda Murphy High Profile Quilting Ruler and inspiration / instruction sheets.

You have the choice of having the monthly package mailed to you or you can pick it up in store.


In joining this programme you need to be aware that you are committing to the full programme, all monthly payments as noted below. If you have some of these rulers already please discuss this with us. The payment for the first ruler accepts the commitment to the monthly charges below.


If you want to pick up in store ust select this as your freight method. You will not be charged the postage fee. 


Charge per month

Month 1: Good Measure Amanda Murphy – Every Angle - $45 plus $9.75 post

Month 2: Good Measure Amanda Murphy – Every Curve - $95 plus $9.75 post

Month 3: Good Measure Amanda Murphy – Every Circle - $125 plus $9.75 post

Month 4: Good Measure Amanda Murphy – Every Feathers $110 and Spine $45 = $155 plus $9.75 post

Month 5: Good Measure Amanda Murphy – Ribbon Candy - $110 plus $9.75 post

Month 6: Good Measure Amanda Murphy – Mini Lollipop - $125 plus $9.75 post


We also offer an Add On class - these are an optional extra and can be cooked through this link

Ruler Work Quilting Club Add on classes | my-sewing-supplies (


Class One - Saturday 2 April 2022. This covers Beginner’s techniques and Every Angle

Class Two - Saturday 11 June 2022. This covers Every Curve and Every Circle

Class Three - Saturday 30 July 2022. This covers Feathers and Spine and Ribbon Candy

Class Four - Saturday 1 October 2022. This class includes the Panel and fabric kit. It consolidates previous months knowledge as well as introduces the Lollipops.

Class Five - Saturday 12 November 2022. Content TBA


Classes run 9.30am - 3.30pm

Fee is per class $80 The compulsory kit in class Four is a further $110

There are requirements in addition to these fees and kits.

Ruler Of the Month Club

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