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Four day workshop

Thursdays, 10am - 4pm each day

This is a set of classes. You are committing to all classes




22 August

26 September – may not occur

24 October

28 November


$70 per class (total tuition $280)


This quilt began when the NSW Quilters Guild announced they were having a red and white exhibit for their 2015 show. The catch was how to do a red and white quilt in a Rachaeldaisy style. I gave myself the challenge to find a reason to use red or white rather than replicate a quilt pattern in red and white.


I wrote lists of things I like that are red or white, like polar bears, raspberry jam, clouds, lipstick... One of the things on the list was doilies. As my pen wrote "doilies" across the paper it sparked the idea and I was soon sketching flowers in an urn. It grew from there...

It’s your turn now


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Rachaeldaisy Blooming Doilies Quilt