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• Stitcher’s favorite!

• Excellent for use with thinner fabrics to prevent show through of stabilizer

• Soft but very strong, a good choice for knits and stretchy fabrics

• Securely holds embroidery stitches on garments or projects through repeated washing and wearing

• Soft finish prevents skin irritation

• 1.5 oz


Black 15 inches x 10 yards

White 20 inches x 10 yards


Product Usage Instructions

• Cut one or more pieces of PolyMesh CutAway stabilizer about 2” larger than the hoop.

• Spray the PolyMesh CutAway with temporary spray adhesive. If you are using multiple layers of stabilizer, adhere all layers together with temporary spray adhesive.

• Center the sprayed side of the PolyMesh over the design area on the back of the fabric to be embroidered.

• Gently smooth into place.

• Hoop the item making sure that the PolyMesh completely fills the hooped area.

• HINT: A topper, should be used on top of all knits, fleece, terry cloth, and other fabrics with a texture or pile.

• Embroider the item.



• Remove the embroidered item from the hoop.

• Lay the embroidered item on a hard, flat surface with the stabilizer side down.

• Lift and fold the embroidered fabric away from the stabilizer and carefully trim the excess stabilizer away.

• For multiple layers of stabilizer, trim one layer at a time

OESD Stabilisers - PolyMesh Roll 20 inches wide x 5 yards

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