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• Light weight fusible fleece

• Creates loft in embroidered items

• Add texture to tote bags, quilt blocks, coasters, placemats and more

• Use on woven fabrics

• This is a wadding that is a stabiliser. Others are one or the other

• It is particularly designed for machine embroidery

• It stops the stitches pulling in

• If you iron it on the back first you can float it on polymesh or still hoop the item

• Soft finish

• Great on the back of designs when you are doing them on baby clothes as it completely covers the design and stitches and gives a soft layer against the skin.


Product Usage Instructions Fuse and Fleece

• Make sure the fabric being used can be ironed with steam. If you are unsure, test on a scrap of the fabric or in an inconspicuous area before proceeding.

• Use a steam iron to bond the fleece to the back of the fabric.

• May be used alone on firmly woven fabrics as a stabilizer for low stitch count embroidery designs.

• May be used layered with a tear away or cut away stabilizer for higher stitch count designs.

• If using multiple layers of Fuse and Fleece, press one layer to the back of the project, then press the next layer to the back of first layer.


OESD Stabilisers - Fuse and Fleece Roll 20 inches wide x 5 yards

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