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Kids look adorable and stay toasty-warm in these cute little winter berets. The pattern includes three sizes and three crown depths (a total of 9 patterns!), so there's a beret for every child!



Small = 50cm-52cm (19-20")

Medium= 52cm-54cm (20-21")

Large = 54cm-56cm (21-22")




50-55cm (20-22") soft medium-weight fabric This beret is designed to be made in light-medium-weight brushed cotton, corduroy or wool fabrics, but you may choose to use polar fleece, velour or other knits. (If using knits, take particular care not to stretch the crown out of shape as you sew). Babies' berets can be made reversible in flannelette or other light fabrics. Medium or heavy fabrics don't sit well as a "lining", so don't try to make reversible berets with these fabrics.


50-55cm (20-22") lining fabric (Use only light, slippery fabric for the lining - silk, bemsilk, acetate, polyester satin - as stiffer fabrics will affect the drape of the beret.)


50-56cm/19-22'' (head measurement plus 13mm / ½ ‘') 25-30mm (1'' - 1 ¼'') wide elastic.


Matching threads


OPTIONAL: Disappearing fabric marker


You Sew Girl by Nicole Mallaieu

Kids Beret You Sew Girl

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