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Chill Spotted Steel Blue1660 126M


ModaManufacturer Item:1660 126M

Description:100% Cotton

Type:44"-45" Wide

Designer / Author:Zen Chic

Group Name:Chill

Origin:Made in Japan

Color:Light Blue



When selecting please fill out both fields full metre quantity and part metre quantity.


Half a metre would be 0 full metres and 50cm in the partial metres

2.25 m would be 2 full metres and 25cm in the partial metres


Until you enter data into both fields it will ask you to contact the shop as it is not fully completed. Once both fields have information it will calculate a price. 


Should you want metreage larger than you are able to buy on the website please contact the shop. 02 95222340. We will try and assist you. Stock is limited here so that there is stock available in the retail shopfront as well.

Chill Zen Chic Spotted

  • 100% cotton, approx 110 -112cm wide

both the metre and partial metre fields
For fabric this field may say contact the
shop until you enter data into
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