The foot is NOT included in this purchase.


Each set includes three Echo-quilting clips in following sizes:
1x Echo-quilting clip, radius 0.5 Inch
1x Echo-quilting clip, radius 0.75 Inch
1x Echo-quilting clip, radius 1.0 Inch


These Echo-quilting clips have been especially developed for quilting with the adjustable Ruler foot # 72 and Ruler foot #96.


They are made of solid plastic which is scratchproof andanti-static. Therefore, the surface always remains free of scratches and lint.

When working with the Echo-quilting clips, you quilt around a motif to have it framed. For this purpose, the clips are guided in free-motion or along a plexiglass ruler. This technique is called ‘echo quilting’. With the BERNINA plexiglass rulers and the various spacings of the echo-quilting clips, decorative quilt patterns (such as ‘crosshatching or ‘piano keys’) can be created in the easiest way. Due to the lasered markings, the clips can be exactly positioned and guided. Perfect patterns will succeed before you know it! The transparent Echo-quilting clips can be clipped easily on the sole of the Ruler foot.


Bernina Echo Quilting Clips