Perfect for heirloom sewing and work with fine fabrics and laces, the lace foot has a protective guide, which prevents the blade from cutting the delicate lace as you feed it through the overlocker. This allows you to neaten your fabric and attach lace at the same time. The lace foot is also an excellent foot for sewing pintucks as the guide on the foot holds the fold of the fabric and can be adjusted for the depth of pin tuck required. As well as this, you can use the lace foot to achieve perfect quarter inch seams as used for patchwork.


For 8 thread machines

When used with coverstitch, the lace foot can be set up to top stitch laces, ribbons, braids, ric rack etc. to fabrics using a triple, wide, narrow coverstitch and chain stitch. 

Babylock Foot - Lace Applicating

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