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Commences January 2023 - Later entries to the Club are welcome


Aurifil 50wt Colour Builders Thread Clubs


Iconic Australia is the inspiration for Aurifil Australia’s brand new Colour Builders Thread Collection. This collection was created as an expansion to the immensely popular and successful Aurifil Colour Builders Thread Collections. Colour Builders, twelve monthly thread packs, each set containing three coordinating spools. In the Iconic Australia Thread Collection, we are taking our own adventure through two iconic Australian destinations – The Great Barrier Reef and the Outback.

As an introductory promotion we are offering each of our Iconic Australia Thread Collections as a monthly subscription thread club.

Do you want to take part in this Club? Read along for more information or come in. If you are ready to join here are some links.


Thread Club details

  • Each month you will receive a set of three spools – a light, medium and dark inspired by a specific Australian Icon, for the thread collection(s) you have selected.
  • Over the 12 months, the collection will cover both rainbow and neutral colourways, creating a well-rounded colour palette.
  • The colours in the Iconic Australia collection have been carefully curated so that minimal colours overlap with previous Colour Builders thread sets and are designed to expand and round out your Aurifil thread collection.
  • These collections have been created exclusively for the Australian Market taking you on an adventure through the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Thread sets will be posted out monthly starting the month after you sign up.
  • By selecting this product you are signing up for the entire 12 month Thread Club Program, this payment secures month one and we will contact you regarding payment method for the remaining 11 months


The Great Barrier Reef option has 2 size options

Our 50wt Colour Builders Thread Collection is built around the vibrant colours of the Great Barrier Reef. Inspired by the vivid flora and fauna of our mysterious underwater world, this collection showcases the brilliant colours of the reef fish, blooming coral and sparkling water. The Great Barrier Reef 50wt Thread Collection is available in curated collections of both large and small spools.


Option 1

50wt Large Collection

The 50wt Large collection features 36 boldly coloured large spools of Aurifil thread. Perfect for both piecing and quilting, the 50wt large (1300m) spools are fantastic value.

50wt Large Thread Club Pricing

  • $45 per month pick up in store or we can postage for $10
  • Normally $22 per spool, that's nearly one free spool per month
  • If you buy the full set at once we’ll discount the set for you! $500 plus postage.


Option 2

50wt Small Collections – choice of 2 colourways

The Great Barrier Reef 50wt Small collection is available in two ranges –:Sunrise and Sunset.”

The ”Sunrise” collection evokes the brilliance of the reef and marine life when the sun is rising to its peak.

The “Sunset” collection extends to the dusky colours of the reef at twilight.

Both collections feature 36 small spools and are available as separate collections or as a complete set. The complete set of 50wt small (200m) spools offers a comprehensive range of colours for your enjoyment.


50wt Small Thread Club Pricing

  • $25 per month pick up in store or we can postage for $10
  • Normally $10.20 per spool plus shipping, it’s an affordable way to build up your colour collection.
  • Pricing applies to Sunset or Sunrise. You can purchase both and save on postage.



As a BONUS, for each subscription, you will receive:

  • A FREE, sturdy, clear plastic box with a custom designed label to house your threads
  • FREE access to Jen Kingwell’s Hand Piecing online video to show you how to best use those threads!

Aurifil Colour Builder Thread Collections

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