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Sew Along Block G

This week is pretty much the half way point. You've got the skills and we are looking at repeated patterns so you know you can do it from here. Hooray.

Here is this weeks block

Here is the original block

This weeks video to watch

This weeks instructions to read

Download PDF • 526KB


You have a couple of choices this week. If you are using Michelle's MM 100 templates you could use the half square triangle template. This will mean you do not have a seam down the middle of your blocks in the flying geese.

If you do not want to do this you can continue with the half square triangle blocks as Kimberly explains in her video.

I cut the flying geese as per Michelle's templates. You then cut pairs of 1/2 sq triangles for the top corners of the blocks. This part of the process is the same as you have done in 1/2 sq triangles previously.

This is not the background fabric required shown in the photo below, but I wanted you to be able to see the fabric easily as I showed you how I cut the fabrics.

Cut 12 background fabric geese centres based on a 2.5 inch strip.

Cut 4 pairs (8 in total) half square triangles from the light aqua spot.

Cut 4 pairs (8 in total) half square triangles from the periwinkle blue fabric.

Cut 4 pairs of the light peach and mid aqua fabrics. (4 peach and 4 aqua in total)

Cut 1 x 2.5 inch square from the coral fabric


Sew the half square triangles to the top of these geese. One set at a time. Then sew the geese together as follows into 3 rows. Sew the blocks to make the 3 rows. Sew the 3 rows together


To the top of the block sew a piece of background fabric 10.5 inches wide by inches high.

To the bottom of the block sew your Block E unit.

It will look like this.

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