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Sew Along Block C

Hello again, Another week has passed by and it's finally the weekend, Saturday and we hope to sew.

I hope you are enjoying the sew along so far. This block takes us into triangles. To date we have only done squares and rectangles. This may give some of you a new skill. Using half square triangles gives you a range of patterns and shapes you can create. You will see through future blocks the different patterns emerging through the shapes and placement of the half square triangles.

I mentioned previously that I would show you alternatives to Kimberly's templates. In this block I will work with Michelle Marvig's MM100 template set. These are perfect for this project and gives us the opportunity to support an Australian Designer.

For more information on these templates please go to the following link. You will see from the template cover the possibilities of these simple shapes.

To learn more about Michelle and how she uses the templates head on over to her Facebook account. She did a Sunday Sampler programme towards the end of last year and early this year. Here is a link with a specific search to take you to the blocks

This is my block.

This is the original block.

Here is the link to Kimberly's video for this block

And the link for the instructions

Download PDF • 474KB

Kimberly mentions a link to her ruler video. I could not see the link but after searching think this might be it

Now we can get started ...

We are going to do a little future "preping" so please start with the below

Preparation for the future - last week of construction

From your background fabric cut 5 strips that are 2.5 inches wide by 56.5 inches long. These strips run down your quilt.

You will need to do this down the length of your fabric.

From your background fabric cut 2 strips that are 2.5 inches wide by 50.5 inches long. These strips run across your quilt.

Please note if your fabric is directional you will need to cut three strips across the width of the fabric and join them together on the short edges. You will need to then cross cut these into 2 strips that are 50.5 inches long. The left overs can be used in construction of blocks in coming weeks.

I am letting you know this now and asking you to cut it so that you have enough fabric to cut these long strips.

Please label and bag these as "final week of construction" so that you don't accidently use them along the way.

Block C

Cut 4 red / orange squares 2.5 inches each

Cut 4 navy squares 2.5 inches each

Cut 4 fuschia squares 2.5 inches each

Cut 4 spearmint squares 2.5 inches each

Cut 1 aqua squares 2.5 inches each

Cut 1/2 square triangles from a 2.5 inch strip

- 4 fuschia

- 4 spearmint

- 4 background

See my photos to briefly show you layout for cutting. These templates come with more detailed instructions as well

Layout as follows

We are going to work in sections as we sew it together.

See the three sections I have made here.

Sew the column of 5 squares together.

Sew your half square triangles together.


Sew the rest of the blocks together as shown in the video. She does a good job of explaining the process and gives you tips. I don't think I need to add more this week.

Press as you go

Your block is now finished.


From the background cut a piece 5.5 inches high by 10.5 inches wide.

Join this to the top of your block.


Join this piece to the top of your Block A piece

...And you are done for this week.

See you next week to learn and sew some more

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