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Sew Along Block A


For those that have not been following the last few blog posts we are about to commence a sew along. There have been three posts so far and you can find them if you head over to this link

Using the photos in the first post, you can see that I have numbered my fabrics 1 - 18. I have then numbered the fabrics in the overview in post 3, 1-18, this then helps me match the fabric descriptions in the pattern back to my fabrics. If you have purchased one of our rainbow packs you can just use my photos to help you choose the fabrics. If you are using your own fabrics you might want to number them too. There are 19 fabrics in the pattern overview. I have not used the grey.

Here is the link to our fabric pack is you want to buy it.

Today is about our first block. You can see I still need to trim a lot of threads.

For a more detailed instruction please download the following

Download PDF • 407KB

This is what the original block looks like and does give you some quilting ideas

You will need to cut

12 x 2.5 inch squares of the background fabric.

13 x 2.5 inch squares of rainbow fabrics. One from each of 13 fabrics


Start to place your fabrics so that you can see how your colours are looking and cut the ones that you feel give you the best colour movement


Once you are happy start to sew your rows together using your 1/4 inch foot and a 1/4 inch seam

Make sure each row measures 10.5 inches wide. Correct as necessary to make sure it is 10.5 inches

Press the seams for each row in an opposite direction

Sew the rows together to form the block

Check your block measures 10.5 inches square. Adjust as necessary.

For some top tips from Kimberly you can head over to this video. She shows you more about Janome machines, but also gives you a great chain piecing tip.

Trim your threads better than I have LOL

Once you have your block constructed and threads trimmed you can add a background.

My background is directional so I need to cut the 10.5 inch strips down the fabrics. See my photo. If yours is not, you can cut a 10.5 inch strip across the fabric.

Cut 1 rectangle 10.5 inch wide by 11.5 inches long. This gets sewn to the bottom of the block.

Cut another rectangle 10.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches long. This gets sewn to the top of the block.

Great work. I'd love to see your progress on Facebook and Instagram be sure to tag us.




@my sewing supplies

See you in a week with the next block

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