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Q16, fibre art, free motion applique and Australian florals BOM

Today we wanted to show you a little more about the Q16 and teach you that it is for more than just "quilting". Vicky (our guru) is doing free motion applique here in the video.

Have a look and be inspired. I think my words in the video sum up most about this great block of the month and machine.

If you would like to know more on the Bernina Q16 or any of the Q series machines please give us a call 02 95222340 or follow the links below the video.

You are still welcome to join the BOM, again the links are below. We do also have 2 stitchery options for the BOM

We hope you might be inspired to try something new



To join our Block of the month - welcome anytime - not just June 2021 - follow this link

To buy yourself a Q16 follow this link

At the moment we are restricted on installation, being in lockdown here in Sydney. If you would prefer to place a deposit at the special price just phone 02 95222340 and we can arrange timing and delivery fees. That way you have not paid the lot in advance.

Other BOM options

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