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Part 6 - Amanda Murphy Bernina Diamonds Quilt Sew Along

MAKING USE OF SCRAPS - Stashing Busting, getting rid of those leftover pieces....

This week we cut out 2 bonus projects with your leftovers. Both of these are great to make with your own scraps as well.

It's lots of half square triangles mainly. This week we look at cutting the pieces. I will not post up next week because that will give you time to cut and piece the projects. We will continue with quilting after that.

One is a bonus quilt measuring 42.5 x 54.5 inches


the other a cushion measuring approx 20 inches square

For the quilt consider your own stash or making a couple of quilts so you can practise your quilting consider

- doing lots of fabrics in 2 different colour tones eg red and blue or pink and green.

- increasing or decreasing the size of the blocks in order to get rid of lots of your scraps.

- look at different layouts of the half square units. You can create different shapes this way.

I'll leave that with you.

As I write this we have just gone into a stricter lockdown here in Sydney, so I may even use this as a chance to sew. I have been trying to catch up on paperwork before I let myself sew. I've been very good so I must be getting close ;) This lockdown is dragging on and I have to admit I am finding it more difficult than last year. Any way, back to sewing and quilting, that is what will keep us sane.

This is Amanda's summary of what we need to do in the next two weeks

Written instructions to download and print. This covers the cutting and piecing.

I'd love to see your colours and your designs. Please tag us or email them to me. I miss seeing your projects instore



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