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It's time to learn and little more about your Baby Lock Overlocker

I'm conscious that it has been a while since we had Baby Lock Club on a Friday and I know it will be a while until we can do it again.

As such on a Friday morning at 8am I will be releasing tip and technique documents on out blog as well as some projects.

I know some of you will have done these, but it doesn't hurt to do a refresher and I hope that you learn a little more and at a minimum it gets you back on your machines if you have not been using them.

Today we will start with a project. This is an oldie but a goodie. It is also fantastic to use as Christmas gifts or around Christmas picnic tables.

This is the Food Throw. You can also modify the inside fabric and make it a table cloth. If you need help with fabrics and threads, please contact us or book an appointment to come in. We have a range of each instore.

Click here to download the instructions

Download PDF • 509KB

Happy Overlocking


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