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Getting started with your Brother sewing machine

It can be a little daunting when you change from one machine to another. While the threading paths look different they are often quite similar. Today I wanted to give a few guides to get you started.

Winding a bobbin video

It is important to use a Brother bobbin.

It is also important to make sure it is the right one for your machine.

Bobbins come in different shapes and sizes. This affects how they move in the bobbin case, which in turn affects your tension and stitch quality.

Some machines will only have the little tension dial and not the first thread placement. See the photo. It is important to wrap the thread around this in the direction shown in the video. You need to make sure the thread is caught between the 2 pieces so that it tensions.

It is important to cut the thread tail - you don't want this flicking around in your bobbin case or getting caught up with the other thread.

Don't wind your bobbin at full speed. That will also interfere with the bobbin tension. About 1/2 speed is recommended.

Threading the top video

Threads come in different qualities and weights. You are looking for a thread that is about a 50wt. Don't buy a cheap supermarket thread. Tt often has too much give in it and can act a little like elastic. This will affect your stich quality and tension.

We stock a range of threads including affordable ones.

Threads also age (and not well :) ). The threads you got from Grandma or at the local garage sale may not longer be any good.

It is very important to thread with your pressor foot up. This opens the tension discs and allows the thread to catch into them for sewing tension.

Inserting the bobbin video

It is important to look at which way the bobbin spins in the case. This will be shown on your bobbin cover - the plastic bit that you take off to put the bobbin in.

We hope these tips help to get you started.

Remember if you purchased your machine from us part of that purchase is our ongoing support. Come and ask if you have a question.

See you soon

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