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All things Bernina Academy

I'm taking a quiet moment on a Saturday morning to let you know about BERNINA Academy, as well as some current specials from BERNINA. ( One the craziest price I've ever seen. )

I'm going to start with Academy. This will be the first time something like this has been hosted in Australia. Run exclusively by BERNINA Australia, supported by dealers from around the State and Country, this event is not to be missed.

The event is a combination of demonstrations, workshops, retail spaces and lectures. It also involves many opportunities to ask questions. ALL Bernina machines will be on display there.

Tickets go on sale Monday afternoon at 5pm - 8 August 2022. They are limited and I don't want you to miss out. Below is a step by step guide I received from BERNINA as well as the link to their website. You have the weekend to plan it all out.


Pre-Academy Special - Amanda Murphy Classes

The pre-academy special classes by Amanda Murphy are taking place on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th of October. These classes do not require a general admission ticket, they have their own ticket to purchase.


Step 1: General Admission Ticket.

Add the chosen date for General Admission to your cart. The day you attend will then determine the classes available to you to book into.

Step 2: Classes at Academy Tickets

Book into any of the classes or lectures available. Keep in mind spaces are limited

Cancellation/Refunds & Children BERNINA have a 21-day cancellation policy. A request for a refund can be sent to up to 21-days prior to the event. After this time, they CANNOT honour any refunds.

Children: Any child under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Each person entering the BERNINA Academy MUST have a GENERAL ADMISSION ticket to enter (excluding children 12 years and under.)

Where to buy tickets

Head over to the below website and spend the weekend planning your classes so you are ready Monday afternoon. This site is also where you purchase your tickets directly from BERNINA.

How do I get there?

For the previous BERNINA Jubilee event we organised a bus to and from the event. If we have enough people interested we are happy to do the same. You need to bear in mind that we can not have a staff member getting you on and off the bus. I would give the driver a list of names and contacts so that he can ensure he has you all.

Please contact the shop if you would like to be kept up to date on the possibility of bus transport.

What about My Sewing Supplies Shop? What are they doing?

The shop will closed on the Friday and Saturday for this event. Crystal. Vicky, Ian and I will be working at the event. You will see us in many BERNINA rooms. The shop itself will not be there, we will be working for BERNINA.

Now onto the Specials

BERNINA Q16 with Koala Table & Shelf

  • 16" throat space for big quilt projects

  • Unique digital thread tension adjustment

  • Easy threading, independent bobbin winder

  • Quilting without foot control

  • Stitch regulation for perfect stitches

Embroidery Module M - Suits current 5 series machines

The embroidery module turns an embroidery-capable BERNINA sewing machine into an embroidery machine, allowing reliable and breath taking embroidery results to be achieved in the blink of an eye. All embroidery projects can be carried out comfortably using the generous embroidery area. BERNINA also offers a wide range of embroidery hoops in different shapes and sizes.

BERNINA 700EEmbroidery ONLY Machine

  • Extra-large embroidery area for large designs

  • Accurate design positioning

  • Embroider longer with extra large bobbin

  • Clean & brilliant embroidery results

Well that's it for now, I should do housework before I go to my son's soccer, but there are some kits and samples in my bag calling me. Stay tuned for more on these. I wonder if I can get both done or whether sewing will win ?

Have a great weekend

Thanks for our ongoing support


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