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Relocation update

Good evening,

I just wanted to touch base and give you a quick update.

A reminder that our new address will be 208 Princes Highway Sylvania.

When do we move?

We will close the doors of Kirrawee to the public on Thursday 5pm, 18 April. Just before Easter.

We will open the doors of Sylvania Tuesday morning 9am, 23 April.. Just after Easter.

Easter Trading (non trading) hours

We will be close the 4 public holidays over Easter. This is when all remaining items are moved / sorted. Probably when panic and stress hit their peak too :)

Where do I go for my class?

All classes take place as expected this week in Kirrawee.

All classes take place as normal from 23 April in Sylvania. This commences with Deborah Louie's monthly classes.

How do I get there?

As discussed I've prepared some maps. I've tried to break it into to and from the shop. I've tried to give bus routes. I've tried to give a few driving routes. If you have not received these maps on am email from me please contact us and I can send them to you,

If you don't live near Miranda Station you may be able to book the transdev bus to pick you up and take you to Miranda Station.. Here is more information on transdev. I think you need to book it in advance so this is more an organised approach for monthly classes.

You may also be eligible for Community Transport

Here is a link to the St George one.

Here is a link to Sutherland Shire one

I must admit I'm not up on this but give them a call and see if they can help you.

What stock will you have available this week?

In order to open in time I have started to move stock.

I have moved some of the full priced fabrics. This includes plain fabrics.

I have moved demo sewing machines.

I have moved machine accessories.

I realise this will disappoint some people and I am sorry. If there is something in particular you are after please ask and I will see how easy it is for me to bring it back or cut a bit for you.

The shop will be filled with clearance items this week. Come and take advantage of these specials. The point of the specials is so I don't need to move the stock. If I need to move it, it will go back into normal stock. You've got 4 days LOL.

See you soon


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