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Bernina 125 year quilt - add hooped embroidery

I know a few of you are waiting of the machine embroidery details that go with the Bernina Jubilee Quilt Along.

Here are some of those details. Have a look,plan your hoop sizes and take a look at the designs.

It's a great way to improve your machine embroidery skills.

If you have a Bernina sewing machine that is embroidery capable, but don't yet own the embroidery unit, perhaps that would be a good Mother's Day present to yourself? If you want to know more about the price or whether your machine is capable of machine embroidery please contact us and we can guide you. We also run a monthly discussion group and hands on class to support those of you that want to learn more about machine embroidery and digitising. These classes are open to all brands. Please check if you have a different brand machine so I can make sure I can guide you properly.

Happy stitching


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