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Planning ahead, rainbows, unicorns, must use all the fabric....

I think I'm going to be busy over the next few months (I know not too unusual in my world) so I'm trying to get some new samples done. I think I'm going to declare February the month of the Rainbow and Unicorn. You'll understand why shortly.

Last weekend I attended the Bernina Club Dealer Retreat. I'll post photos of the projects we will be doing over the next few days as I prepare and cost them out. At least our monthly Bernina, Janome, Brother Club classes are close to sorted for the year. These weekends lift a great burden off my shoulders as they give me dedicated time to make samples and think about what will suit my customers and students. Bree from Bernina always has such great ideas. I come away with my brain buzzing.

Mandy from Sew Quirky taught in store on Monday. The class was her Unicorn Jagger. There are lots of great samples that participants made and I've posted them up on our Instagram and Facebook pages for you to see. I joined the class (as I do running in and out) and I got most of the applique done. I've spent today finishing the mane / hair. I've lost a nostril in transport but that's an easy fix. I need to choose what my horn will be then my background and I'm ready to stitch.

Here is my progress to date

Then Thursday a little of the ceiling started to fall in again and I had to wait after work while some repairs were made. That combined with me not knowing whether I'd be kept busy enough at the Stitches and Craft Show on Friday was a dangerous combination. I cut fabric, selected patterns and brought it home. I didn't get time to look at it while working with Brother at the Show. I never do. So here it all is at home with me. Rather than torturing Vicky and Crystal with more unfinished projects for them to chase behind me and catch up I have spent the weekend cutting and sewing.

Foundation piecing all done

Applique pieces all cut and fused

Stitching, zippers and binding to do - I'm getting closer

I gave myself a bit of a challenge. I purposely picked fabrics I knew I could get a lot out of. I cut 25cm of each of the Jen Kingwell Lollies range. 1.25m in total. I also cut 20cm of a couple of the Conservatory range that I knew had some good movement in them.. Then I cut a couple of multi colour ombre fabrics. These I had about 40-50cm of each as I needed bigger pieces for my rainbow. I did have a couple of scraps as well, 4 inch and 8 inch size pieces. I also cut 25cm of the yellow grunge as I knew I needed a lot of it. Backgrounds are in addition to this. I can proudly say I used some of my stash and I used some of the Jagger the Unicorn leftovers.

I wanted to see how many projects I could get out of these. Normally with applique you have to buy so many pieces to get all the colours you need. In this instance the movement in the fabrics gave me all I needed. I'm really pleased. I still have enough fabric to make about the same again but here are my results to date. They are all cushions

The first is a Passionately Sewn pattern of this cute elephant. This was the last I did and was completely leftover pieces, no planning. The blue sky I had at home some went a little more subtly with my applique fabrics.

The next is these two cushions from the Tied With a Ribbon pattern. This is the rainbow that I needed bigger pieces for. I was unsure about my unicorn face as I was butting the pieces but I'm loving it and really excited to sew it now. I didn't have black so my eyelashes are deep purple - remember using these fabrics only.

Last, but not least this is where my weekend started. I still have some work to do on the eyes. As you can see this is where I needed lots of little bits of different fabrics. These two come from a Claire Turpin pattern.

Can you see why I am declaring February the month of the Rainbow and Unicorn, yet?

All patterns are available in store. If you can't make it in we are happy to mail at Australia Post rates. You can pay over the phone 02 95423513.

I'm thinking of doing up some applique fabric starter packs. What do you think?

There will be another class with Mandy from Sew Quirky

We will be doing Wild Spirit

As usual any questions please ask.

See you soon

Happy sewing


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